Badass Coffee & Donut

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Badass Coffee & Donut


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specialty coffee shop
Kávézó (coffee shop) Kávézó (újhullámos)

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This is our BIRTHDAY! BADASS COFFEE & DONUT opened its door 2 years ago! We wanted to throw a BADASS PARTY to celebrate, but unfortunately it has to wait. We would like to thank our BADASS Community for their support! Guys, You motivate & inspire us day by day! Please don’t forget us, when we...

Badass Coffee & Donut

1 week has passed since we closed. It’s needless to say that we miss our BADASS COMMUNITY! For us BADASS is so much more than just pulling espresso shots & filling donuts. It’s about community really. We cannot wait to see all of you again! Sending virtual fist bumps to you until then! Stay...

Badass Coffee & Donut

We have plenty of delicious coffee beans on our shelves! We don’t want it get wasted, You need coffee for home. It sounds like a win win, right? If you need some, please DM us! Available quantities: 250g, 500g, 1kg. Bank transfer available We help in pick up / delivery in Bp

Badass Coffee & Donut

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Cím: Váci út 114., Budapest, Hungary, 1133

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